Trisha Starrs Reviews Plastic @Old 505 Theatre

Reviewer Trisha Starrs gives her take on PLASTIC by Mark Rogers

Set at the turn of the millennium, Plastic sees Franz Henrik Schulz, a young physicist, make an extraordinary discovery. This discovery has the potential to revolutionise information technology in the 21st Century. He becomes a legend in his field, a hero to his peers, a rock star. Two years later he’s in disgrace, an exile, hated by the people who had catapulted him to fame.
Plastic tackles the high-stakes world of science publishing to create an allegory for a world in crisis. One-third satire and two-thirds psychodrama, the work sinks its teeth into morality, modernity and a fierce desire to succeed at all costs.
Written by Mark Rogers
Directed by Sanja Simic
Dramaturgy by Jennifer Medway
Produced by Bodysnatchers
Sound Design by Liam Halliwell
Lighting Design by Frankie Clarke
With Nick Bartlett, Drew Fairley, Hannah Goodwin, Harry McGee and Michelle Ny

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