Tuesday Book Club: “Queerstories”

This week on Tuesday Book Club Andrew Pople brought in “Queerstories”! Barely a week old, it’s a collection of stories written by some of Australia’s most acclaimed LGBTQIA+ writers, and edited by Maeve Marsden- who also contributes a story. From musicians and queer activists to journalists and Twitter stars, names including Simon Hunt (also known as Pauline Pantsdown) and Benjamin Law will ring a bell.

The collection emerges from Marsden’s observation that the straight world loves to celebrate gay marriage and other triumphant stories, but still isn’t comfortable exploring stories of queer sex and relationships: “There’s more to being queer than coming out and getting married”. “Queerstories” is available in bookstores now!

Next week, Andrew’s got another release hot off the press: “The Helpline” by Katherine Collette.

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