Tuesday Book Club: ‘Wilder Country’ by Mark Smith

Australian author Mark Smith has followed up his acclaimed debut YA novel ‘Road to Winter’ with the exciting sequel ‘Wilder Country’. ‘Road to Winter’ is set on the Australian coast in a post-apocalyptic world destroyed by environmental catastrophe and disease.  In ‘Wider Country’ we rejoin Finn, Kas and Willow on the coast, where they’ve been sheltering for the winter. The group live in a constant state of apprehension, avoiding the roaming gangs of Wilders and fighting to survive.

‘Wilder Country’ is a pacier, bloodier follow-up to ‘Road to Winter’, where Smith continues to enrich his riveting world, exploring themes of environmental protection, violence and displacement. If you loved the first book, ‘Wilder Country’ will not disappoint.

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