Tummy Treasures on Chewsday Drive

Sydney is a city of over 5 million hungry people. And with 5 million hungry people comes 5 million little minds just waiting to be blown away. Blown away by the absolute best food on offer. But how can we know for certain which of the countless restaurants, bars, and cafes around the city are worth both our time and our money? If only there was a way to know which ones we should be visiting. If only there was somebody who could tell us…


Hello. I am Lachlan and I see it as my personal duty to seek out the most delicious treasures in Sydney so that you can fill your tummy with them. I vow to review with honesty and integrity only the greatest of cuisines, travelling from the shores of Botany Bay to the peaks of the Blue Mountains. There is no food I will not try! So pull up a chair at the proverbial table and tuck in to these delectable Tummy Treasures.


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Episode 18- Zac’s Great Food

In Bella Vista there is a restaurant that promises nothing short of “great food”. Do they deliver? (Yes).


Episode 17- Markets

POV: It’s a Thursday and you’re looking for a link to a story about the best markets in Sydney. You found it.


Episode 16- Tapas

For too long Tummy Treasures has existed in the pocket of Big Food! It’s time we change that by enjoying some Little Food, or as they call it in Spain, tapas!


Episode 15- Cheese

For the first time in Tummy Treasures history, I have been invited to an event. I take this as an indication that Tummy Treasures is now officially part of the wider Sydney Foodie community. This episode is about cheese.


Episode 14- Cookies

In this very normal, stock standard episode we take a trip to Manly to visit Butter Boy who are on a mission to create the best cookie ever!


Episode 13- Swedish Food

If you thought you had to travel to Stockholm to have some authentic Swedish meatballs, then you were wrong!


Episode 12- Lamingtons

Just across from Newtown Station is Tokyo Lamington- the place to go if you’re in the mood for a staple Australian cake.


Episode 11- Gelato

Nando and Lisa have been making authentic Italian gelato for years now, and recently the Italian government themselves recognised their efforts with an award!


Episode 10- Christmas

Sonoma bakery is featured in this installment as we search for the best Christmas food in Sydney!


Episode 9- Falooda

This episode almost breaks Tummy Treasures as we chaotically get Felix involved to talk about Lachlan’s favourite drink.


Episode 8- Hainanese Chicken Rice

We are joined by Youtuber “Building Beautifully” on this episode as we head to his favourite restaurant- Temasek in Paramatta.


Episode 7- Fillet-O-Fish

We don’t shy away from the big hitters in the food world on Tummy Treasures, and to demonstrate that, today we are taking on possibly the biggest of them all- McDonald’s.


Episode 6- Gyoza

In this first episode of Celebrity Tummy Treasures, we visit comedian Max Dary’s favourite restaurant in all of Sydney to try their cheese gyoza!


Episode 5- Macarons

Since their rise to fame in the late 2000’s, macarons have become one of the most delicious but probably mispronounced desserts in the world. In this episode, we meet the people in Sydney that make them better than anybody else.


Episode 4- Cake

Being a solid contender for the international symbol of dessert, cake is something that is done very well in a lot of places. But one place in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, thinks that they have perfected it.


Episode 3- Milkshakes

When you see a sign in a shop advertising the “best milkshakes in Western Sydney” you would be forgiven for expecting to receive the best milkshake in Western Sydney when you go inside. Unfortunately, as we find out in this episode, that is not always the case.


Episode 2- Hot Chocolate

Prepare your tongue for an absolute battering of warm milk mixed with ground up cocoa beans- it’s time to find the best hot chocolate in Sydney! This time, we speak to not one but TWO different businesses making some exceptional hot chocolates; Rebecca from Coco Chocolate and Robert from Hyggelig.


Episode 1- Pancakes

In this first review we travel to Gram Cafe in Chatswood to try pancakes that stand at a whopping 5cm in height (each!), if you can imagine such a thing. And if not, that’s okay! There’s a picture on the website.

Tuesday 13th of September, 2022

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