Two’s Company, Three’s A Crime

Look who’s back! It’s us! Across The Park! The big C word has kept us out of our lovely 2ser Studios for the foreseeable future, but that’s not going to stop us doing our show. First and foremost, we must apologise for the sound, as we record out of our own homes. But it’s the content that matters… right? Right?

After Joel destroys the intro, we start off by talking about all sport that are currently being played, and that takes up 15 seconds as we remember as we are all in isolation, there is absolutely no sport, so we discuss Easter eggs, inviting people to watch us record, Gaby’s coat hanger mic stand, we play a few instruments, we struggle with delays, Gaby invents Tennis, Mick gets into Backgammon, Joel talks about how alone he is, Super Cars move into gaming, what would happen if the NRL players went onto an island, what sport is like without a crowd, our at home Olympics, and somehow we manage a game!

Oh, and we end on a song.

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