Unhealthy Greyhound Racing: A Fundamental Animal Welfare Issue

The Sydney Morning Herald published some of the explosive allegations made by Britain on their front page this morning. They say the document alleges the re-homing rates of dogs are being inflated, dogs are being raced at unhealthy intensity and are suffering a massive rise in injuries as a result, and following their retirement from racing most were then left to “live out their miserable post-racing lives in industrial kennels”. He says that the number of greyhound deaths are being underreported and little has changed in relation to animal welfare since the ban.

Animal Justice Party MP Emma Hurst, who sought the document through parliamentary processes may remember eight years ago former Coalition premier Mike Baird tried to ban greyhound racing after a judge riled their were “fundamental animal welfare issues, integrity and governance failings that can not be remedied”. Their embattled CEO Rob Mcauley resigned yesterday after two years in the gig. This follows the board of Greyhounds NSW being issued  a “show cause” notice by Minister for Racing David Harris.

One of the reasons the board was hit with a “show cause” notice was Mr. Macaulay’s delay in providing a report by former chief vet Alex Brittan to Minister Harris who we’re told described the allegations as damning and is calling for an investigation. Its since been understood that they are now seeking to privilege the document. 

To discuss this more in detail Animal Justice MP Emma Hurst has joined The Daily Host Nelson Scott on 2SER.


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