Uniting against racism through the global language of music

We live in a multi-cultural country, and the world is a global village, but how much do we actually know about and respect other cultures? One in five Australians experienced racism last year, particularly immigrants and indigenous people – but people are coming together through music to try and combat this. Some of Australia’s hottest urban talent have banded together with national anti-racism organisation All Together Now to bring LOVE MUSIC HATE RACISM to Australia for the first time on Friday 1 June, bringing the national conversation around race to the forefront through music.

Tess chatted with Nooky, Indigenous hip-hop artist at Bad Apples Music and Winner of Dreaming award from the Australia Council at the ninth National Indigenous Arts Awards about how music and events like Love Music Hate Racism are bringing people together.


Love Music Hate Racism will take place in Sydney on June 1st at The Factory Floor at 105 Victoria Road Marrickville with an exciting line-up of artists that have taken a stance on the subject. Tickets can be purchased from The Factory 

LMHR Sydney is organised by the national anti-racism organisation All Together Now with support from the NSW Government, TheMusic.com.au and AIME.

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