Unleash the Dragon | firstdraft Gallery

Cast your mind back to New York in the 1970s.

Amidst the growing Cold War tensions and rise of funk and disco, on-screen, the rise of Kung Fu movies was becoming more popular than ever before. 

The success of Kung Fu films celebrated a focus on non-white protagonists fighting against oppressive systems which were mirroring the racial struggles playing out in America in real life.

Eventually, this would lead to the emergence of black characters and heroes on film, giving rise to the Blaxploitation film.

Fast forward fifty years and artists Kevin Diallo and Zoe Wong are exploring this niche cross-cultural space in their current exhibition showing at firstdraft gallery in Paddington called Unleash the Dragon.

Host and producer Amelia Navascues sat down with Kevin and Zoe earlier this week to find out more about their collaborative process.

Unleash the Dragon, Firstdraft, 6th – 29th Nov, Free

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