UNPOPULAR at The Powerhouse Museum: your backstage pass to the rise of alternative music in Australia

If you’re a fan of bands like Nirvana, Sonic Youth and Bikini Kill – or if you participated in the alternative music scene of the 1990s – then you might be interested in what’s happening at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum.

An exhibition titled UNPOPULAR is now showing, and it explores the global rise of the alternative music scene and its impact in Australia.

The man responsible for bringing this collection to the public is Steven Pavlovic – or ‘Pav’ for short. Pav is the entrepreneur responsible for booking Nirvana’s one and only tour of Australia and has made a name worldwide for his role booking great gigs. Lucky for us, he kept a bunch of mementos and video footage from an amazing era of music.

We spoke to Sarah Rees; the curator of UNPOPULAR at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum to learn more about this fascinating exhibition.

For more information you can visit The Powerhouse Museum website: https://www.maas.museum/event/

Image credit: Mudhoney, Barwon Club, Geelong, photographer Mel Randall, 1990 (https://www.maas.museum/event/unpopular/)

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