US of Ed: Iran a done deal, what’s the fallout?

“If you’re going to say I’m against things that Obama did, what are you doing? The only thing he’s done is the tax bill, all the government agencies are in shambles, it looks like most of the candidates are in shambles, so what has he done?”

In spite of the pleading of allies and no evidence that Iran hadn’t held up their end, US President Donald Trump has scrapped the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. It’s a move that undercuts American bargaining power especially in the upcoming North Korea denuclearisation talks, so why do it? The spectre of nukes in the Middle East hasn’t been enough to totally distract from new revelations in the Stormy Daniels saga, however, with confirmed reports Trump lawyer Michael Cohen took $500,000 from a Russian billionaire with ties to Putin. And against advice, the Trump administration is moving to expel 300,000 legal migrants from US soil in a such a way that could increase unrest and illegal immigration.

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