Visible mending to combat fashion waste

Ripped, stained and frayed seams were the statement fashion trend among the punk and grunge movements during the 70s and later during the 90s following the work of fashion icons like Vivienne Westwood.

Destroyed clothing aesthetics gained popularity in the mainstream, the punk message has been replaced with a representation of wealth, with some brands selling ripped jeans for thousands of dollars.

More shockingly, our consumer culture demands constant upgrades to the latest fashion trends, meaning that we discard these high-end pieces, we generate millions of tonnes of waste per year.

But what if we were the ones mending the clothes we wear? Emily Brayshaw – who Lectures in Fashion and Design History, Theory, and Thinking – from the University of Technology Sydney – joined Julia to discuss how mending and re-purposing our clothes can become statements of resourcefulness, care and sustainability.

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