Pain Creators and Pain Relievers in This Week’s News

Could Cassie Sainsbury have ulterior motives?

This morning guest host Te Rina Taite is joined by Peter Gleeson, Josh Cole and Jess Klajman to discuss the possibilities, as well as look at some other sources of pain (and possible remedies) in the news this week.

Australian Cassie Sainsbury is in a Colombian jail after she was caught with 18 packages in her luggage containing 5.8 kilograms of cocaine.  How much assistance can Australians overseas expect form our government in these situations? What are Cassie’s options to get out of jail and what are her options if she can’t get out of jail?

Also on today’s agenda:

Could drinking two pints of beer be more effective pain relief that taking paracetamol?

Is this just another one of ‘those’ medical reports?  Is there any legitimate science behind this revelation?  Who would you test this on and how reliable would the results be? What are the personal experiences of our panel on this issue?

Which part of Australia most needs more women?

You may have your own opinion on this, but there are parts of Australia where men significantly outnumber women.  Is this a good or bad thing?  There is one particular part of Australia with a high imbalance and it has made the news.  With implied issues for socialising, dating and marriage, what can and should be done? And if balance is to be restored, how might it happen?

How publishing videos of your kids on YouTube could lose you custody.

Some people may say that it is part of a parent’s responsibility to film their child’s embarrassing moments and publish them for the world to see, but has this couple taken it too far?  After filming pranks they play on the children, they publish them on YouTube.  What are the consequences for them and for the children?

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