Waynes 4 x 2 20th July: Hit Man, Our Flag Means Death, and MORE!

Do you want something to watch but aren’t sure where to start? 

2SER’s entertainment wizard, Wayne Massingham is back and he’s got you covered with his reviews of the latest and greatest in film and music and television. 

It’s Wayne’s 4 by 2!

4 Reviews, 2 minutes each.


Film: Hit Man

This black comedy romcom stars Glenn Powell as Ron, an expert undercover police officer from New Orleans who pretends to be a hitman to arrest would-be assassins. But when he foils an murder planned by the beautiful Madison (Adria Arjona), he finds himself falling in love with her as she attempts to escape her abusive husbands grasp.  Laughs, thrills and many disguises makes Hitman one comedy you won’t want to miss.

Hitman is out now on Netflix. Watch the trailer here.


Television: Time

A British drama anthology that focuses on the lives of inmates and staff at Her Majesty’s Prison Service. In the first series we follow the story of Mark Cobdan and Eric Malley, played by Sean Bean and Stephen Graham respectively. Mark is trying his best to survive his prison sentence and work through the remorse and guilt he feels for his crime. But when other inmates discover Mark’s weakness and threaten his life, he must work with benign prisoner staffer Malley to try and survive and impossible ethical dilemma.

The second series stars Jodie Whittaker as Orla O’Riogan, a single mother beginning her sentence at Her Majesty’s, where she meets fellow inmates Kelsey (Bella Ramsay) a pregnant heroin addict and Abi (Tamara Lawrence) who is serving a life sentence.

Time is out now on ABC iView and Binge. Watch the trailer here.


Television: Our Flag Means Death

Based loosely on the life of real life pirate Stede Bonnet, the Gentlemanly Pirate, this comedy series stars Rhys Darby as Bonnet, a member of the wealthy landed gentry of Barbados who decides to turn to a life of piracy. Having no aptitude for the life of a pirate sees Bonnet collect a rag-tag group of shipmates, including other famous real world pirate like Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard, played by Taika Waititi. Playing fast and loose with history and pirate lore, Our Flag Means Death  also contains heart-warming romance, LGBTQ+ representation and side-splittingly funny laughs.

Our Flag Means Death is out now on Binge. Watch the trailer here.


Album: Below the Waste by Goat Girl

The third album in three years sees the art rock trio from South London continue to deliver strange and wonderful concoctions of emotions over their 16 song track list. While Goat Girl started with punk energy, the band has developed into various genres, experimenting with time signatures and unorthodox sounds. Mishmashes of guitars and flutes sonically collide with diverse instrumentation like an orchestra and features spoken word performance that blurs the lines between singing and soliloquy. Their best work yet with a production sound to match, Below the Waste is a riveting and unique listen that will surprise and challenge you.

Below the Waste is out now on Bandcamp and Spotify. 



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