Wayne’s 4 x 2: About Endlessness, Heavenly and Holy, The Dig & More!

Wayne is back with a new round of entertainment reviews. Four reviews, two minutes each, this is Wayne’s 4 x 2:

About Endlessness (Film)

A meditative film on life and existence that holds a dreamlike quality throughout its many beautiful vignettes.

Heavenly and Holy (Album) 

This short, sweet and wonderful album was originally recorded in 2018 but comes to us now from Painted Shrines.

The Dig (Film)

Based on the true archaeological story of Edith Pretty and Basil Brown, Carey Mulligan and Ralph Fiennes bring this story of friendship and history to life. Shot in the gorgeous English countryside and acted beautifully by its two leads, The Dig is definitely worth a watch. Audiences can stream it now on Netflix.

Dash and Lilly (TV Series)

Another Netflix production this week, Dash and Lily is a short and lovely romance story that takes place in New York City during the holiday season. Featuring all the iconic landmarks of the city that never sleeps, Dash and Lily is a fantastic escape and a great way to experience New York City at home.

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