Wayne’s 4 x 2: Dune, Foundation, and MORE!

As sure as the Sun rises, Wayne Massingham will return each week to the Thursday Daily to give us the best in film, music, and TV.

It’s Wayne’s 4 x 2!

Four reviews, two minutes each.

Here’s what he had for us this week.


Film: Dune

Denis Villeneuve’s awaited film epic based upon the legendary novel Dune by Frank Herbert has finally arrived in Australian cinemas. Featuring an all-star, ensemble cast, Villeneuve brings Herbert’s complex vision to life with his signature style of crafted spectacle and immersion. Make sure you see it on the biggest screen possible. Dune is available in all cinemas now.

Watch the trailer here.


Miniseries: Scenes from a Marriage

Starring Oscaar Isaac and Jessica Chastain, Scenes from a Marriage is adapted from Ingar Bergmann’s 1973 miniseries of the same name. The series is an intimate and emotionally poignant exploration of a deteriorating marriage, carried by exceptional character performances by both leads. Scenes from a Marriage is available on Foxtel.

Watch the trailer here.


Series: Foundation

Another book adaptation, Foundation is a high-concept sci-fi series based upon novels written by legendary sci-fi author Isaac Asimov about a scattered human race living under a Galactic Empire. Foundation follows the story of mathematician Dr. Hari Seldon (Jared Harris), and his followers who try to preserve their culture after Dr. Seldon mathematically predicts the impending downfall of the Galactic Empire. Foundation is available on Apple TV+.

Watch the trailer here.


Album: Bloodless Claire Cronin

Los Angeles Singer-Songwriter Claire Cronin’s new album Bloodless could only be described as Haunted Americana. The expands on the themes of the supernatural established in her previous albums with a suite of sparse tracks. Listen to Bloodless on Spotify.


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