Wayne’s 4 X 2: Old Man, Titus Andronicus and MORE!

Do you want something to watch but aren’t sure where to start? 

Entertainment junkies rejoice! 2SER’s Wayne Massingham is here with the scoop on all things film, music and television. 

It’s Wayne’s 4 X 2!

4 Reviews, 2 minutes each.

Here’s what he had for us this morning.

Television: A League of Their Own

This American sports comedy drama follows the lives and careers of a team of all women baseball players in 1940s America. Based off the 1992 film staring Tom Hanks, this series explores the realities of discrimination, sports fever and triumph to present a thoughtful and hilarious exploration of America’s love with baseball and the women who made it their own.

A League of Their Own is out now on Amazon Prime. Watch the trailer here.

Film: Athena

In a French banlieue the tragic killing of young boy by a police officer ignites an all out war in this action thriller with socio-political overtones. The brothers of the slain boy, one a police officer, one community leader and another a drug dealer are all forced to reckon with moral choices in the aftermath of their tragedy.

Athena is out now on Netflix. Watch the trailer here.

Television: The Old Man

Based on the 2017 novel of the same name, this series follows an off the grid CIA operative who is hunted down by the very agency he used to work for. Starring Jeff Bridges, John Lithgow and Alia Shawkat, The Old Man is an action thriller not to be missed.

The Old Man is out now on Disney+. Watch the trailer here.   

Music: The Will to Live, Titus Andronicus

Titus Andronicus’s 7th album is their best in years. The New Jersey punk band comes through with fiery vocals from Patrick Stickles and a mix of sounds from straight punk rock to the epic ballads they are known for. With a touch of Springsteen, this album lives up to some of their best work.

The Will to Live is out now on Spotify and Bandcamp.

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