Wayne’s 4 x 2… roll up roll up!

So whatch-y’all been watching, listening to and maybe even dancing to this past week?

There’s probably a good chance our next regular guest knows a thing or two about it!

Yep, it literally is Wayne’s world. 

And he’s here for another Pulitzer-worthy round-up of all the best to tune in to, watch, see and stream.

4 entertainment reviews, 2 minutes each.

Wayne Massingham’s 4 x 2!


This week’s reviews:

Film: SHIRLEY local cinemas – an enjoyable, brilliantly acted biopic based in 1950’s Vermont, centred around ‘Shirley’ – a reclusive horror writer and her friends and family. A psychological drama, and if you like Elizabeth Moss you’ll love this – she fills the character of Shirley wonderfully!

Series: Who Gets To Stay in Australia SBS On Demand – a captivating 4 part series exploring the depth and breadth of the laborious visa immigration process through the lives of 13 migrant families. Full of human drama.

Series: Space Force – Netflix – variously described as satire, parody, a spoof of the stupidity of government… this well produced comedy is about the establishment of the 6th arm of the US armed forces. Steve Carell, John Malkovich and a slew of fellow fine actors make this very entertaining viewing.

Film: Waves – local cinemas – an epic emotional drama following a suburban African American family as they come to grips with loss, love and forgiveness. Well worth seeing, and as a plus the soundtrack is awesome.

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