Wayne’s 4 x 2: The Black Phone, TY SEGALL, and MORE!

After a long day of frolicking in this beautiful winter sunshine you might need a good movie or TV show to come home to. Well we have the answer. 2SER’s entertainment guru, Wayne Massingham, is back to give us the scoop on the best content to watch and listen to.

It’s Wayne’s 4 x 2!

4 reviews, 2 minutes each.

Here’s what he had for us.


Series: Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty

Winning Time is based on the meteoric rise of the LA Lakers during the 1980s. The series features a stellar ensemble cast including John C. Reilly, Gillian Jacobs, Gaby Hoffman, Australia’s own Jason Clarke, and Quincy Isaiah as Magic Johnson. The show follows the professional and personal lives of the people that made up the legendary Lakers, as they built one of the most well-known dynasties in basketball history.

Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty is from HBO, and is available to watch on Binge.

Check out the trailer here.


Movie: The Black Phone

The latest horror flick from director Scott Derrickson starring Ethan Hawke. The film follows Finney, a sharp but shy 14-year old is abducted by a sadistic, masked killer (Hawke). Left in a soundproof room by himself, Finney starts receiving calls on a old, disconnected black phone. On the other end of the line are the voices of the killer’s previous victims who are determined to make sure that Finney doesn’t suffer the same fate as them. Driven equally by its human drama and horror elements, The Black Phone will be have you on the edge of your seat rooting for Finney all the way through.

The Black Phone is available in cinemas.

Check out the trailer here.


Series: Our Flag Means Death

Our Flag Means Death is a comedy series starring Rhys Darby, Taika Waititi, Rico Ortiz, and Rory Kinnear. The series is loosely based on the exploits of historical pirate Steede Bonnet (Darby), a British aristocrat who left his family and life of luxury to become a pirate, and the legendary Blackbeard (Waititi). The show is packed with dry humour and plenty of heart as we see the friendships and relationships between the pirates blossom.

Our Flag Means Death is available to watch on Binge.

Check out the trailer here.


Album: Hello, Hi Ty Segall

The latest album from garage virtuoso, Ty Segall. Reminiscent of early Pink Flloyd, Hello, Hi is another ripper album from #1 Segall Fan Wayne Massingham. Ty Segall recorded this in his one private garage studio. The album features pensive acoustic guitar lines backed by electric undertones, perfect to relax to on a cloudy arvo.

Hello, Hi is available on Spotify.


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