Wayne’s 4 X 2: The Inspection, Spectral Lines and MORE!

Do you want something to watch but aren’t sure where to start?  2SER’s entertainment wizard, Wayne Massingham is back and he’s got you covered with his reviews of the latest and greatest in film and music.

It’s Wayne’s 4 by 2!4 Reviews, 2 minutes each. Here’s what he had for us this morning: 


Film: The Inspection

Written and Directed by Elegance Bratton and taking inspiration from his real life experiences, The Inspection is the story of Ellis French (Jeremy Pope), a young black man who has few options in life and decides to joins the Marine Corps while attempting to hide his homosexuality. This proves dangerous and impossible and he is subjected to a brutal hazing from his instructor and fellow recruits, all the while trying to succeed in a system that doesn’t want him and prove to his mother and himself that he can overcome any obstacle in his way. He perseveres and finds camaraderie with other Marines that might just bring him that sense of belonging he’s been looking for.

The Inspection is in cinemas now. Watch the trailer here.


Television: Blackbird

This crime thriller miniseries sees convicted felon Jimmy Keene (Taron Eggerton) be sentenced to a decade of imprisonment for drugs and weapons smuggling. However, a unique opportunity emerges for Jimmy when he is offered freedom if he can get a suspected serial killer Larry Hall (Pal Walter Hauser) to confess to his supposed crimes. A masterclass in tension building over a 6 episode run, Blackbird is television drama at its finest.

Blackbird is out now on AppleTV+. Watch the trailer here.


Television: Breeders

This dark comedy series stars Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard as Paul Worlsey and Ally Grant, parents struggling to raise their two children while still living their best lives. Partially based on Freeman’s own life experiences, Breeders explores the sacrifices people make to have children, the redemptive power of building a family and the hilarious tribulations that come with raising small humans into adulthood without losing your mind.

Breeders is out now on Disney+. Watch the trailer here.


Album: Spectral Lines, Josh Ritter

The 11th album from Americana, singer songwriter Josh Ritter is his first in 4 years and he brings that warm signature folk sound to the fore. Spectral Lines comes with 10 songs that feature Ritter’s ever poetic lyrical talents and comforting, gentle vocals that makes his work such a delight to listen to. It’s no surprise that his lyrical craftsmanship is impressive; Ritter is a published novelist with two fiction books out on the shelves and he regularly takes inspiration from other writers he admires, such as Flannery O’Connor, Philip Roth, and William Shakespeare. Underrated for years, Spectral Lines is wonderful and worth diving into.

Spectral Lines is out now on Spotify and Bandcamp.

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