Wayne’s 4 x 2: The Killing of Two Lovers, Nine Days, AND MORE!

In a time so turbulent and unpredictable, there’s at least one certainty- Wayne’s 4 x 2. Sure to grace our ears and broaden our entertainment horizons each week, Wayne Massingham equips listeners of The Thursday Daily with the latest in film, television and music.


Four reviews. Two minutes each.


Here is what he had in store for us this week!


Film: The Killing of Two Lovers

Described as a “masterpiece” from the legend Wayne himself, ‘The Killing of Two Lovers’ is a tense drama following the story of a man who battles to preserve his family unit during a divorce with his wife. The couple attempt to make best of a difficult situation, however David struggles to accept his ex-wife’s new relationship. The film explores the complications of separation which ultimately lead David to an inevitable breakdown.

Watch the trailer here.


Series: The White Lotus

This new HBO series, written and directed by Mike White, follows a week of misadventures a group of entitled hotel guests and overworked staff entail, all within the confinements of a luxurious resort in Hawaii. This congregation of wealthy, somewhat obnoxious guests on vacation is undoubtedly satiric, with raving critics claiming it could very well be the comedy of the year.

Watch the trailer here or stream the full series on Foxtel.


Film: Nine Days

In a 2020 American supernatural drama film written and directed by Edson Oda, ‘Nine Days’ is an incredible existential story that reveals much about what it truly means to be a good person in a harsh world. The protagonist interviews five unborn souls to determine which of them is deemed worthy of a life on Earth. Riddled with emotion, ‘Nine Days’ is sure to provoke deep thought, leaving you to question your existing perceptions on humanity.

Watch the trailer here or catch the film in participating cinemas now.


Album: I Want The Door To Open by Lala Lala

London-born, Chicago-based artist Lillie West embraces a new avenue on her third album, expanding her sound from the indie-rock roots engrained in her first two albums in search of a more authentically ‘her’ sound. She openly welcomes change and growth on I Want The Door To Open, with “DIVER” being a standout track, depicting West “swimming towards my new life, dragged in by the undertow” as she navigates through the riptides of life. I Want The Door To Open is available on Spotify.

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