Wayne’s 4 x 2 – we have the antidote!


Are you just a little over Dan, Anastasia and Gladys messing around in the mud-kitchen? Sick of Covid copulating your karma?

How about the relentless barrage of bad news fed to us day in day out?

Well, listen up. The Thursday Daily has the antidote.

At least we like to think so….

So here it is, Wayne’s 4 x 2! You know the drill… 4 entertainment reviews, 2 minutes each. Wayne Massingham’s 4 x 2.

Wayne, bringeth some good news kind sir!!


Reviews this week are:

TV series – THE GREAT – how did Catherine the Nothing become Catherine the Great? Watch this hilarious period TV series to find out. Set in 18th Century Russia. Well worth it!

Film – WHERE’D YOU GO BERNADETTE? – Cate Blanchette stars in this highly enjoyable adaptation of Maria Semple’s novel about an anxious / brilliant architect, searching and seeking.

Music – FLOODLIGHTS, FROM A VIEW – debut album from Melbourne 4 piece outfit touching on themes of identity and personal cross-roads. Awesome guitar riffs – great tunes.

TV series – RUN – 7eps comedy about Ruby and Billy’s road trip – yet it’s on a train! Thoroughly enjoyable, great visuals and brilliantly acted by two very charismatic leads.



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