Weekend Warrior

Anthony Dockrill is back to catch you up on what you missed this weekend!

Trump is finally taking a back seat, as Malcolm Turnbull takes the limelight of this weekend’s news. A lot of people are concerned about the fate of odd 600 men, 447 have been formally judged to be refugees and Malcolm refused to accept New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s offer to resettle 150 of the men in New Zealand.

Even Kevin Andrews came at Malcolm’s decision on Sky News saying he should accept the offer but Malcolm won’t budge. He also tried to justify his rejection to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander advisory body. He broke the hearts of many Aboriginal people around the country when he said no to their advisory body which was a symbol of sovereignty, not a third parliament.

Ending the news in an upbeat tone and making Anthony’s weekend, Trump landed in Hawaii on the weekend and a protester held up a sign saying “Welcome to Kenya”.

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