Weekend Warrior with Anthony Dockrill


Our weekend warrior Anthony Dockrill has all the news you may have missed this weekend and a wrap-up summary for the year.

The highlight of the last by election of the year was the bizarre joke made by John Alexander indicating that he had more ‘pride’ than disabled people. His professional career as tennis player came to an end due to a back injury and the doctor told him that he would be eligible for a disabled sticker on his car, which he denied as he had some ‘pride’. On hearing this comment, Malcolm Turnbull tried to hide his discomfort with a frozen smile on his face. Due to uproar on this comment, Alexander apologised on Sunday.

As per directive from Trump administration to the Department of Health and Human Services, certain words need to be avoided in the official documents.

As for the year in general? Well Anthony thinks that there’s at least one high point for 2017…

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