The Weekly Feed with Callan Boys

Callan Boys, national food and drink writer for Fairfax, joins Nic to talk food for the Weekly Feed.

This week, a slightly unusual discussion, what we want to see less of in restaurants going forwards in 2018. Callan’s first complaint, when restaurants make a phone call to confirm a booking. We’re all aware of the dread experienced when we have an incoming call from an unknown number. Most of us don’t even answer. This is something that could be easily confirmed with a text message. Less of this please

Another thing we’d like to change is the bread to dip ratio. How often do you go to a restaurant to eat some delicious dip only to run out of bread after a couple of mouthfuls.  You can never have to much bread.

And finally, what is worse than a stupid cheese plate accompaniment. You’re keen to tuck in to some delicious triple cream brie, but first you have to wade through what strange thing the chef decides to sprinkle on the platter. No one wants dried apricots with their aged cheddar.

Listen to the full rant on the podcast.

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Thursday 1st of March, 2018

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