What’s on your plate ?

The Heart Foundation is calling on Australians to rethink their red meat consumption. At the end of August new recommendations for the consumption of red meat were released. The Chief Medical Advisory and cardiologist Professor Gary Jennings said people should limit their consumption to less than 350 grams of red meat per week.

“Processed or deli meats should be limited, as they have been consistently linked to a higher risk of heart disease and other chronic conditions,” Professor Jennings said.

The latest updates are based on a substantial review of current evidence.

Heart Foundation dietitian Sian Armstrong suggests “Eating more plant-based foods like vegetables, fruits and whole-grains, and healthy proteins like fish and seafood with smaller amounts of animal-based foods, while cutting down on highly processed junk foods is key to good heart health”.

The Director of Prevention Julie Ann Mitchell spoke with Breakfast host Tess Connery about the new guidelines.

For more information on the Heart Foundations dietary guideline can be found here.

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