Woodes’s Crystal Ball – Full Immersion

Now we all love music! But what’s really cool is when people are able to combine music with creative elements such a film, gaming, or other mediums, in order to create one sole encapsulated experience. Today we were joined by Woodes. She’s a musician based out of Melbourne and If you haven’t heard her music, the sounds that she creates are beautiful, immersive and extraordinarily atmospheric. And her debut album ‘Crystal Ball’ is set to have a really cool and unique release. Woodes has created a brand new world in Minecraft that is completely inspired by the album. The world is full of different terrains and marvelous structures, all representing different songs in the album. Fan’s have already been welcomed onto the server so that they too can create and be inspired within the world. It’ll be exciting to see how this Minecraft realm will add to the enjoyment and submersion of the album.  Woodes was with us today, telling us all about her new world.

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