World Radio Day- Behind the Violence

Here we dive into the print archive, and later to tapes, to explore some of the fantastic documentaries 2SER have put together over our time on air. In particular, we look at 1990s series, Behind The Violence, made by then young journalist Cath Dwyer. At the time, the series was pioneering for covering an issue that was then still very under considered by leaders and the mainstream press. It was presented to government, and helped give voice to those who literally had been ignored and shamed in the past. Since then, Dwyer has gone on to a leading role in the press as Manager of Radio and Radio National at the ABC, while this series helped to draw attention to a very important issue.

The series is held by us, but also by our friends the National Film and Sound Archive (NSFA), who featured it as part of the World Radio Day celebrations this year. You can see their round up and hear snippets and further commentary about the series via the link below.

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