Xmas food poisoning – how to avoid it?

Garry Kennedy, An outbreak of food poisoning at your Xmas party can be fatal to your guests, and it’s certainly fatal to your reputation as an entertainer, and cook!

Emerging MasterChef types beware!

Xmas means fridges packed to bursting point, and having the fridge door opened frequently, leading to a loss of the cool air.

Xmas also means grappling with leftovers. How many meals can you eke out of that turkey or ham? A lot of the time you will be under the influence when you make these decisions.

It’s tempting to cut corners, and hope for the best, but there can be a high price to pay in terms of food poisoning, and recovery from those illnesses.

Only last month in western NSW, 140 guests were victims of a food poisoning epidemic following a wake, and 11 guests were hospitalised.

We had Garry Kennedy of Correct Food Systems to chat.


Producer: Liane Colwell

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