You Can’t Be What You Can’t See

Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong? Like you didn’t fit in with the people around you? Figuring out your identity is no easy task, particularly when you are young, and we often turn to books and television to find clues about who we are and what we like. So what do you do if there are no representations that you can relate to? Well three young Australians have decided to change that and have created The Be You Collection, a series of children’s books that aim to celebrate the importance of individuality. Written by Louis Hanson, illustrated by Daisy Squires, and the business brain behind the group, Trent Harding launched the kickstarter campaign in October last year and are now ready to publish their first book in the series, Ben, The Boy Who Paints His Nails. We had Louis Hanson on the show to tell us all about this project.

Check out for more information about the book, the campaign and what’s coming up!

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