You’re invited to the Melting Potluck

Melting Pot Luck is the live game show that throws three teams, drawn from the rich diversity of multicultural Australia, into the cauldron together. It tests how much we know about ourselves and each other, it’s a game where knowledge meets know-how, where your background and adaptability are your best assets … and where the way to win big is for everyone to pull together.

Devised by one of Australia’s most multicultural comedians, Sam McCool, and one of Australia’s least multicultural comedians, co-founder of The Chaser Julian MorrowMelting Pot Luck is an interactive new format which brings the facts, fiction, myths and legends of the world’s cultures to the boil and spices them up with a healthy serving of Travel, Language & Culture …

Sam McCool jumped into the studio with Bryce Mills, and was joined by ex-contestant Sidd Sharma, to give us the pitch.


You can buy tickets to the next show, held at the Giant Dwarf Theatre in Sydney, here. 2SER listeners get a special promo code for discounted tickets by entering ‘StarvingStudent’ at the checkout.

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