Yours, Mine & Femme! Ep. 19 – Disclaimer labels: helpful or performative?

Across the globe, the negative impact of looking at unrealistic media images has become an increasing concern. Many have advocated for the use of disclaimer labels! Disclaimer labels are used to alert the viewer that a model in an image has been edited, e.g. “this image has been digitally altered”. Some countries, including Israel, France and Norway have legislated that when advertising images have been photoshopped to improve a model’s figure they must add a disclaimer label. However, in Australia, this recommendation is part of a voluntary industry code of conduct for the fashion, media and advertising industry. Despite this well-intention initiative, a picture is worth a thousand words! Edited images speak louder than words, and disclaimer labels actually have a pernicious effect on viewers. In fact disclaimer labels actually reinforce the narrow and rigid beauty ideals they are meant to undermine. YMF Co-Host Beth Tracey spoke to Dr Jasmine Fardouly from the University of New South Wales to find out whether disclaimer labels, helpful or just performative!


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