Zachary Cale guest selects for Sideways Through Sound

Zachary Cale introduces a hand picked selection of music and explains it’s personal importance and influence on the new self titled album False Spring – in the spotlight on this week’s Sideways Through Sound

Zachary Cale Spotlight Selections 17-06-2020

  1. Zachary Cale – False Spring [False Spring]
  2. Bert Jansch – Travelling Man [L.A. Turnaround]
  3. Destroyer – Your Blood [Destroyer’s Rubies]
  4. Merle Haggard – Going Where The Lonely Go [Going Where The Lonely Go]
  5. Mike Cooper – I’ve Got Mine [Trout Steel]
  6. Pops Staples – Friendship [Don’t Lose This]
  7. Fleetwood Mac – My Dream [Then Play On]
  8. Zachary Cale – Amnesia Moon [False Spring]

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