Zika virus a growing threat

Overnight a Danish hospital has reported a man tested positive for the Zika Virus, which has been linked to microcephaly, a birth defect that leaves babies with abnormally small skulls.
The man was just back from trip to Central and South America where the mosquito-borne virus has spread.

The virus hasn’t been on the radar of organisations like the Centre for Disease Control since it was discovered, but in the last few years, virologists have expressed concern that it now poses a serious threat to people.
Australia was free of the virus until last year, when six travellers returning from South America were found to be infected. This year Aussie athletes travelling to the Rio Olympics have been warned about the virus as they head off to a country that has been listed as a transmission zone.

Catherine Zengerer spoke with Dr Cameron Webb, an entomologist from the NSW Health Facility, about what precautions we can take.

Producer: Caroline Wagner

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