Zoe’s Law Protests

Over the past months, the NSW Government has been debating over what’s known as “Zoe’s law”, a series of new laws that have been aimed at altering the legal personhood of unborn children. These laws would make it a separate crime to kill an unborn child in another criminal act. The recent focus on the laws was drawn due to a fatal car crash in September, where two women and two unborn children were killed. These laws would have increased the sentence for those responsible for the crash.

Despite the laws supposedly not being aimed directly at restricting abortion and women’s rights, many are saying that accepting such laws sets a bad precedent and could lead to worsening reproductive rights after generations of campaigning to get them improved. Tess spoke with Georgia Potter-Butler from pro-choice NSW also part of the No To Zoe’s Law rally team to speak about the laws and the rally that happened on the 15th of November to find out more.

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