RADIOTHON 2022 starts this Friday!!

Our annual fundraiser RADIOTHON kicks off on Friday and we want you to become part of the 2SER family! We'll be asking you to subscribe or donate to 2SER! Subscribers and donors are so important for the station - they help us maintain our independence and provide us with some  stability in an ever-shifting cultural and economic environment. When sponsorship of events abruptly evaporated at the start of the pandemic, our subscribers helped us stay afloat. When lightning struck our antenna three years ago, our donors got us right back on air. We've got a stack of incredible prizes this year thanks to our wonderful sponsors, and some very special programming welcoming back some old voices in a series of… Read More

Identical twins, Jaimee and Jesse Lynne

12-year-old identical twins Jaimee Rose Lynne and Jesse May Lynne share what it's like being a twin, and their mum Ali Gunn provides insights as a parent of twins. Jaimee and Jesse help us to understand their special bond as well as the challenges of being compared to your twin. Read More


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