2SER’s Favourite Releases of 2020 (So Far)

It's been a helluva year so far but the music hasn't stopped and has been a lifeline, salve, and comfort for many. Here are some of your favourite 2SER music shows, in alphabetical order, giving a rundown of their top releases of the first half of 2020. THE BAND NEXT DOOR WITH CAMERON (Thursdays 10pm-Midnight) WAWAWOW - Pink Elephant Intergalactic bit-crushed psychedelic rock that flows as a marathon test of endurance over forty-three minutes of breakneck progressive meltdowns. Essence of hip hop and electronica also bubbles to the surface on this album which adds to the whirlwind of vortex-inducing sonic crunch. Not much else can really be said about this record except it's an exhausting listen, yet somehow is so… Read More


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