100th Episode!

It is our 100th episode!!! *insert celebratory emojis* In this very special episode of Across The Park, we kick off with a very brief trip down memory lane, then we talk about Mick’s age, how excited we are to all be together for the first time in 7 months, how often we pick on Gabs, why we struggle recording via Zoom, Gaby’s week without a phone or computer, what lawn bowls is missing, Mick rolling his ankle, social soccer, Joel losing his voice, what the show would be like without Joel, we play a bunch of beautiful messages from a bunch of beautiful people, we reminisce over some of our favourite guests,  NRL and AFL finals kick off, the Australian Women’s Cricket team breaking all kinds of records, Meg Lanning, Go Karting road rage, and a game about previous episodes!

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