It’s 2018, so it’s time we learnt what ‘immersive theatre’ really means

‘Immersive theatre’ – I know what you’re thinking: “Great, another one of those dang buzzwords the kids are using popped up on my newsfeed.” And guess what, now it’s also plastered across the screen on your favourite community radio station’s flashy, new-age website.

But there is a reason the term ‘immersive theatre’ is getting tossed around – it’s cool. They’re doing it in New York so of course it’s cool.

But now we are getting our own little dose of it here in Sydney! And we have our very own Bakehouse Theatre company to thank for that.

After a sold-out run at VIVID in 2016, the Bakehouse crew is back with a revamped show set to take over the 5 floors of the Kings Cross Hotel running Feb 7 until Feb 17.

Bryce talked to John Harrison, one of the directors of the production, to find out more about why we NEED to know what ‘immersive theatre’ means so we too can be ~cultured~.

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