2SER Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop Music!

Friday August 11, 2023 is the 50th anniversary to the day of the now legendary summer party in the Bronx where an 18-year-old DJ Kool Herc played his sister’s back-to-school fundraiser in the rec room of their apartment building, an event now recognised as the spark which ignited hip hop music and culture. 

To mark this special occasion, 2SER will be on the case with hip hop music and interviews all day and night from breakfast right through to midnight: 

On Breakfast from 6am sharp, Danny Chifley will be starting the day out with the cuts that count, as well as interviews with Australian legends DJ Krisy, Blaze and Miguel D’Souza – all discussing the history of hip hop on community radio in Australia. 

The Friday Daily crew of Jono and Claire take over from 9-12 with hip hop tunes as well as an interviews.

At 12pm, on Groove Therapy DJ Shan pays homage to the golden era of Hip Hop radio with a special authentic sounding mastermix edition that will transport you to an alternate reality, wherein Groove Therapy is broadcast in the 1980s on a radio station somewhere deep in the five boroughs of New York City. This one isn’t to be missed, as Shan has described this as his most ambitious mixtape yet, no small feat after 21 years of mixtapes on this very station. 

Then, from 2-4pm Mighty Reel will keep the vibe flowing with tunes and a yarn with special guests and local icons DJ Soup as well as P.Smurf. 

Friday Drive will keep things rolling from 4, with more music and Te will be catching up with Elefant Traks legends Urthboy and Jannah Beth. 

At 8pm The New Style from will of course be celebrating hip hop’s birthday with a bunch of really amazing local MC’s, beat makers and adjacent crew in the building, spinning original music and beats, old gems they’re inspired by, and talk about why we love hip hop and have a big cypher with the crew. 

And from 10pm Metal on the Margins, guest host and hip hop aficionado Jono Chang will join Grace Mayhem and Gemma Hong to curate a special episode of MOM, featuring nu-metal, unexpected mashups, and crossover collaborations between rappers and metal artists, showing how far-reaching the musical impact that little party in the Bronx would eventually become. 

Get onboard! Tune into 2SER on 107.3, DAB+, Web and Mobile app all day as we celebrate the birth of one of the most vital cultural and musical movements of the 20th century.

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