2SER In Your Hood!

2SER and Inner West Council love live local music! 

We have teamed up with Inner West Council to bring you a fantastic free public live music event in Mort Bay Park in Birchgrove on Saturday July 20, from midday to 5pm.

You will hear First Nations artists ChillCheney and Mia Lovelock, performing their own sets as well as dueting on their track ‘Water Into Waves’. Latin beats will be provided courtesy of Oyobi and indie bands Sachet and Memory Motel round out the lineup, with 2SER DJs Love Buzz providing vinyl DJ sets between the acts. 

There will be a sausage sizzle and hot coffee from our partners Suspension Coffee and opportunities to learn about community radio and 2SER.

2SER celebrates 45 years of broadcasting this year, and In Your Hood shows our commitment to elevating and promoting Sydney’s live music scene, and providing opportunities for people to see live music in their neighbourhood, away from the usual bars and venues.

2SER programs a wide range of music styles – from funk, disco, rock, indie, groove, folk, hip hop and everything in between, as well as training the next generation of radio announcers. The artists performing at In Your Hood are a great representation of the music you can hear on 2SER on any given day, while also showcasing the diversity of the amazing musicians regularly performing live in the Inner West in 2024.

In Your Hood is an alcohol-free, family friendly event, with ample public transport options.

In Your Hood is supported by the Inner West Council’s 2023-2024 Live Music Activation program.

Some information about the artists! 


Oyobi takes audiences on polyrhythmic musical journeys using electronic drum machines and samplers, analog synths, live percussion, and bass. Their music is primal, raw, and prone to improvisation, breaking typical genre barriers blending elements of electronica, house, jazz, latin, and broken beat with spiritual undertones. They mix electronica with Latin rhythms and chants, held together by impeccable live performance. Their original sound is crafted by their three main protagonists- Vincent Sebastian (machines, percussion), Adam Ventoura (bass), and Planeface (synths).


Sachet was formed in early 2016 after members Lani Crooks and Sam Wilkinson (Shrapnel, Dumbells) called it quits on their previous outfit, Day Ravies, with Lani taking the role of primary song-writer, as well as the addition of Nick Webb (Point Being) on guitar. Their most recent release The Seeing Machine is the first to feature drummer Kate Wilson (The Holy Soul) on the drums. The new EP expands on Sachet’s proclivity for short and sweet power-prog-pop sojourns, building upon repetitive melodic basslines, angular intertwining guitar riffs, rolling rhythms, upfront vocals and candid lyrics.


Mia Lovelock is a multi-disciplinary artist, passionate about merging different art forms. Her creative journey has been deeply influenced by her upbringing in Arnhem Land and Papua New Guinea, as well as her connection to the salt waters and fresh waters. Lovelock’s artistry encompasses music, visual art, and fashion, and her work reflects a commitment to sustainability, self-expression, and celebrating her indigenous heritage.

Lovelock’s music is a blend of Folk, Pop, Alt-Country and Electronic. 


Born and raised without a musical background, ChillCheney found his calling at the age of 14. The transformative lyrics of 2Pac’s “Changes” ignited a passion for rap that has since defined his artistic trajectory. ChillCheney is from Wiradjuri mob and his music is, characterised by its emotional depth and dark undertones, pays homage to eminent artists such as Eminem, NF, Gnash, 6lack, Phora, Billie Eilish, and Lil Wayne. With a life deeply entwined with his art, ChillCheney continues to shape his musical journey, using every note and lyric as a lens through which he explores and expresses his world.


Memory Motel’s debut EP ‘Multiplicity’ swerves through a range of different dreamy, gritty and electronic sounds from straight out psych-rock to dream-pop and shoegaze. Moving into 2024, the Eora/Sydney five-piece are bringing their lush and uncompromising sound to venues all across the East Coast in anticipation of their next project.


Renowned Sydney DJs del Piero and Boo Boo Muck (Piero Sgro and Tiera Boo) present Love Buzz, situating revolutionary music within the culture of the time. Featuring two of the most diverse record collections in greater Sydney extracted, probed and contextualised for the airwaves. See also; Psychoactive, Countercultural, underground, Revolution, Music, Composers, Bands, Vinyl, Girl Groups, Garage, Psychedelic, Rock n Roll, Soul, Funk, Disco, YéYé, Bossa Nova, Group Sounds, Experimental.



Wednesday 8th of May, 2024

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