2SER New Music February 6th 2023

Catch up on all the new music hitting your 2SER airwaves this week across our Breakfast, The Daily and Drive programs:


Robert Forster – The Candle and the Flame (AU) FEATURE ALBUM
Potential – Normal (L)
Quiet Dawn – Simple EP (OS)
Sunny War – Anarchist Gospel (OS)
The GO! Team – Get up sequences part 2 (OS)
The Tubs – Dead Meat (OS)
The Waeve – The Waeve (OS)
WILSN – Those days are over (AU)


Amanda Brown – Freedom Song (AU)
Aya Gloomy – Kuro (OS)
Frankie Rose – Sixteen Ways (OS)
Gabriel Da Rosa – Cachaça (OS)
Pearl and the Oysters – Konami (OS)
Pedro Ricardo – Ode Ao Gato (OS)
Retiree – Coming together (L)
Summer Flake – Barnacle Bill (AU)
Terry – Gold Duck (AU)
The Altons – Float (OS)
The Golden Gaytimes – I’m tempted (L)
The Morning Star – Tea for Two (L)
Xylouris White – Latin White (AU)

(L)Local, (Au)Australia, (OS) Overseas

I hope you’re ready to hear some great tunes because this week we have bucket loads of new music to share … as usual!

First up, we have this week’s feature album here at 2SER, The Candle and the Flame. Robert Forster’s (founder of The Go-Betweens) 9th solo album is a reflective and emotionally outspoken insight into the song-writers experience with loss, resilience, love and human frailty. The Candle and the Flame has an added emotional weight to Forster’s usual tender work as many of the songs were written in collaboration with. Robert’s wife (and violinist/bassist) Karin Baumler amid her fight with ovarian cancer. Packed with catchy riffs, solid bass lines, and honest lyrics.

Next up is Parisian producer Quiet Dawn’s third EP Simple. True to the name Simple is conceptually a basic set of simple and groovy little tunes that anybody couldn’t help but nod their heads along to. Delving deeper into the musical make-up of Quiet Dawn’s latest set of tunes reveals a more complex mesh of Dilla-esque boom bap beat making, with touches of bruk, latin, classical, electronica and jazz-funk just to make things that little bit more spicy. 

Naarm singer WILSN, (aka Shannon Bursch), also released their debut album Those Days are Over this week and boy is that voice enough to get anyone anywhere they need to be. The albums opening song  ‘If You Wanna Love Me’ immediately establishes WILSN as a powerhouse of songwriting collaboration and vocal capacity with the rest of the songs on the album living up to this tracks incredibly strong precident. Those Days Are Over is an exuberant and pulsating RnB/soul album that draws on a classic Motown and Stax sound combined with modern production styles and pop sensibility. A consistently quality album such as WILSN’s Those Days Are Over is not a frequent occurence anywhere in the world let alone Australia and is a sign of much greater things to come for this artist. Get in now for extra bragging rights when they hit it big time!

It’s difficult to not like a song by The Go! Team. There is some indescribable infectious funk that invades the ears and, like some sort of alien parasite, forces the body to dance the night away. Their latest album Get Up Sequence Part 2 is no exception. A wildly hopping trip of warm and fuzzy world pop-music influences, collaborations and cross-pollinating beat making. Bright sugary fun and an expertly put together album that is a must listen for fans of the Avalanches. 

Naarm three-piece Summer Flake have released their latest single Barnacle Bill this week. This guitar-driven track is merely a teaser from their upcoming album ‘One Less Thing’ which releases later this month. This track is for any fans of the Cocteau Twins or Middle Kids .

Another local banger comes from Maitland group The Golden Gaytimes (what a great name) with their debut single I’m Tempted. This unexpected banger really displays the diversity of talent in the Aussie music scene. This catchy and irreverent pop and post-punk track has left newly found fans itching for more! Give it a listen, I dare you!

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