2SER New Music Report! (April 3, 2024 edition)

Welcome to the 2SER New Music Report – featuring all the new music hitting your 2SER airwaves this week across your Breakfast, The Daily and Drive programs!


Block Barley – Ether Ghost (OS)
Glass Beams – Mahal (AU)
Hua Li 化力 – Ripe fruit falls but not in your mouth (OS)
Julia Holter – Something in the room she moves (OS)
Nourished by time – Catching Chickens EP (OS)
Prefuse 73 – New Strategies for Modern Crime Vol​.​1 (OS)
Scattered Order – All things must persist (L)
Sourface – The Eternal Summer (OS)
The Jesus And Mary Chain – Glasgow Eyes (OS)
Waxahatchee – Tigers Blood (OS)


Angeles – Bittersweet (AU)
Elizabeth M Drummond – Simplify (AU)
Frugirl – Yellowfin (L)
Golden Sunbird – Orbs of Light (AU)
Mdou Moctar – Imouhar (OS)
Parsnip – Turn to love (AU)
Royston Vasie – Why not now (AU)
Sad Girls Sex Club – Black and White (L)
Teens – I’m an Art Prize (AU)

As April begins, there’s no shortage of great new tunes hitting the airwaves at 2SER. First up is the dazzling debut EP Mahal from Australian quartet Glass Beams. A psychedelic musical feast, the record combines hypnotic grooves and cosmic jazz funk to transport listeners into an exotic soundscape. Perfect for fans of Khruangbin and Orgone, Mahal is laced with a mysticism that will hook you in.

Next up is Montreal’s Hua Li 化力, back with her second studio album Ripe fruit falls but not in your mouth. The Chinese-Canadian producer, DJ, and vocalist brings together a hazy mix of jazz, RnB, electronica and soul to deliver her most personal record to date. Ripe fruit tells a story of healing and Montreal nightlife through lush production and larger-than-life mixing, creating a delicious soundscape that demands to be savoured. 

From the streets of Canada we turn back home to Sydney, where local experimental post-punk trio Scattered Order have released their latest record, All things must persist. A collision of trippy movie soundtracks from the ‘70s, All things must persist plays with a range of dynamics from delicate and wistful soundscapes to abrasive and jarring noises. Rough around the edges but full of hope, Scattered Order continue to thrive more than forty years into their career.

Speaking of musical stalwarts, The Jesus and Mary Chain have returned with their eighth studio album, Glasgow Eyes. While it’s their first record in seven years, the Scottish alt-rockers maintain their creative approach is the same as ever: “just hit the studio and see what happens”. Glasgow Eyes hums with droning, buzzing rock that shifts between harmonic guitar feedback and electronic pulses. A staggering homecoming of sorts, the record is the brothers’ Reid most vital yet.  

As usual, there’s a bunch of singles to check out, including releases from local acts Frugirl and Sad Girls Sex Club, as well as other Aussie names including Angeles, Elizabeth M Drummond, Golden Sunbird, Parsnip and Royston Vasie.

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