2SER New Music Report! (March 4 – 10, 2024)

Welcome to the 2SER New Music Report – featuring all the new music hitting your 2SER airwaves over the coming week across your 2SER Breakfast, The Daily and Drive programs


Ghost Funk Orchestra – To the moon! (OS)
Helena Massey – Well below the shaking (L)
Juno Point – Lost along the River (L)
Mildlife – Chorus (AU)
Pheromoans – Wyrd Psearch (OS)
Psymon Spine – Head Body Connector (OS)
Sheer Mag – Playing Favorites (OS)
The Vovos – Lilla Gubben (AU)
VA – Future Sound of Kraut vol 2 (OS)


Blue Diner – Bearings (AU)
Bolis Pupul – Ma Tau Wai Road (OS)
Dvrkworld – Lotus (AU)
Emma Donovan – Til my song is done (AU)
Georgia Winspear – Limbo (AU)
MFV – End Line (L)
Scatter Light – Understand (L)
Winter McQuinn – Red Wool (AU)


This week, psychedelic New Yorkers Ghost Funk Orchestra take listeners into outer space on A Trip to the Moon, their fifth album since 2022’s A New Kind of Love. A space-themed concept album featuring punchy horns and science-fiction synths, the record is an intergalactic blend of jazz, exotica and surf rock. Inspired by the Apollo to Mission Control transmissions newly entering the public domain, many tracks also feature these audio clips alongside experimental vocal passages from Romi Hanoch. Promising to be a soundtrack to “cosmically charged breakthroughs”, A Trip to the Moon will have you setting your speed to Warp Factor Nine.

Next up, we pull focus to Well Below The Shaking, the third release from local Sydney guitarist and songwriter Helena Massey. A folky, acoustic affair, Massey’s newest album creates rich soundscapes and textures through traditional fingerpicking and open tunings, as well as drawing upon outsider blues and rock. Sensitive and beautifully tender, Well Below The Shaking is an exciting next step for the Eora artist.


For fans of Car Seat Headrest and Uh-Huh comes Wyrd Psearch, the thirteenth album from British DIY garage rock group The Pheromoans. Full of mid-life crisis musings, loose electronics and breezy guitars, Wyrd Psearch considers an eclectic array of topics from thwarted ambitions to male-pattern baldness (there’s something for every listener)! A frothy brew of melodies and refractory rock, the record also marks the first appearance of The Pheromoans’ new guitarist, Henry Holmes.

Playing Favorites by Philadelphia four-piece Sheer Mag is 2SER’s Feature Album this week. Their third album and first since 2019’s A Distant Call, Playing Favorites is a triumphant return, permeated by swaggering rhythms, moody guitars, and charismatic vocals from Tina Halladay. Filled with lots of attitude and groove, Playing Favorites is an ode to days on the road, coming up punk, as well as the trials and tribulations of being in love.


Many homegrown artists are also passing through with brilliant singles this week, including Meanjin dream-pop outfit blue diner’s ‘Bearings’ and ‘Limbo’ by Naarm-based Georgia Winspear. First Nations singer-songwriter Emma Donovan is also back with ‘Til My Song Is Done’, a haunting country song that showcases Donovan’s soulful vocals. Jade Imagine and Sunfruits member Winter McQuinn and Wollongong-based alt-country “miscreants” MFV have also got singles to look out for – ‘Red Wool’ and ‘End Line’ respectively.



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