2SER New Music Report! (May 17, 2024 edition)

Welcome to the 2SER New Music Report – featuring all the new music on your 2SER airwaves this week across your Breakfast, The Daily and Drive programs!


Arab Strap – I’m totally fine with it I don’t give a fuck anymore (OS)
Camera Obscura – Look to the East, Look to the West (OS)
Goblin Daycare – AGITPROP HOTLINE!! (OS)
Hydrofunk Family – From the Vault 1 (AU)
Kauri – Full Circle (AU)
Lady Lazarus – Blondes (L)
Milan Ring – Mangos (L)
Phoebe Go – Macadamia (AU)
Royston Vasie – Through the Canopies (AU)
Shannon and the Clams – The Moon is in the wrong place (OS)
Sun Atlas – Return to the Spirit (OS)


3% – Coming Home (L)
Emma Volard – Two Sides (AU)
Gimmy – Fall on me (L)
Inaugral – Strigoi (L)
Sophie Lilah – Dreamland (AU)
The Engine – Mobilise the Mascots (L)
Thee Marloes – I know (OS)



Starting out in Oakland, California, the recently released seventh LP from perennial garage rockers Shannon and The Clams has just landed. Produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, The Moon is in the Wrong Place is a musically excellent record that is also underpinned with tragedy – in 2022, lead vocalist Shannon Shaw’s fiancee Joe was killed just weeks before their wedding, and much of the grief in that is channelled in both the lyrics and her viscerally emotional performance across it. Even the album title is a metaphor for a universe off it’s axis, and Shaw really steals the show across what is a fantastic record that runs through garage, 70s-styled FM rock and bluegrass. Keep an ear out for Shannon Shaw appearing on 2SER’s Static program in the coming weeks.

Heading down the West Coast, are you ready for some explosive funk? Look no further than the latest from Los Angeles mystery collective Sun Atlas. Their latest, just out on German mainstay Mocambo Records lands sounding like a rare groove collectors fever dream. It’s a superb dose of trippy instrumental soul, Mulatu Astatke inspired jazz and raw sun-baked psychedelia. This is a real sleeper of a record, where every track is it’s own unique journey of whirling synthesisers, drum-forward rhythms and the devil’s own horns.

Hopping across the pacific then and back our own fair city, Blondes, the debut EP from Eora-based purveyors of headbanging femme-punk Lady Lazarus is out now . Track titles such as “eat spit” and “pint of VB” give a sense of the flavour on this raw, punchy and to the point record. Taking cues from the riot grrl movement, and renowned for their explosive live shows, Lady Lazarus are Caroline Parks (vocals), Izz Rakuljic (bass), Julia Nienhaus (drums) and Eva Lozanovska (lead guitar).


Drilling through the centre of earths molten core and out the other side, we find ourselves next in Istanbul, assailed by the bewildering sounds of Goblin Daycare. The Turkish outfit have just dropped their debut album, AGITPROP HOTLINE!!,  loaded to the brim with crazy lo-fi madness. It rips along at a terrific pace, crammed with distorted melodies, frenetic vocals, wild synthesiser lines and lots of stupidity. It’s blink and you miss it stuff, clocking in at fifteen minutes in total (across ten tracks).

As well, dial in to hear the latest singles from 3%, Emma Volard, Gimmy, Inaugral, The Engine and much more!

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