2SER Supporter Drive Runs From October 12th – 26th, 2018!

Over the next fortnight, we’ll be sharing some of our favourite 2ser moments with you from around the station. We’ve got some great stories to share with you all! Check out some of these stories featured on our home page, or read quotes from our listeners on this page.

We’re really lucky to air such a wide range of specialist music shows, in depth news programs, and plenty of local and alternative stories from our community every day. Listeners like yourself truly shape that content, sending us comments, letting us know about your events and businesses, and giving us all feedback too. And of course, being able to send all this into your earlobes wouldn’t be possible without your support!

Tell us your 2ser moments today, by calling 9514 9500 where you can also financially support your station and enter into the daily prize draws. Or, head to

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