35mm: A Musical Exhibition plays a Flight Path Theatre

A picture can tell a thousand words, or in this case, a song.  35mm: A Musical Exhibition is a stunning new multimedia musical where photography and music collide to capture moments frozen in time.

Inspired by a series of photographs taken by Matthew Murphy, music composed by Ryan Scott Oliver is used to tell a collection of unique stories through songs inspired by a photograph. Directed by Alexander Andrews, 35mm: A Musical Exhibition will hit the Flight Path Theatre stage from 30th November – 9th December, showcasing 9 actors and a 6-piece band. Originally premiering in New York back in 2012, production crew Little Triangle will be the first to independently bring the production to a Sydney stage.

Cast members Aaron Robuck and Brodie Masini joined Danny Chifley in the studio for the breakfast show. We also got a little snippet of what to expect on the show!

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