3D Printing Stem Cells

Can a printer save a life?


  • Professor Majid Warkiani: Biomedical Engineer, University of Technology Sydney
  • Sajad Razavi Bazaz: Biomedical Engineer, PHD Candidate, UTS

Produced and Presented by: Andrew Herlinger

Music by Trev Lewis from Hagfilms, Drakensson, and TheoTer. Sourced from Freesound.org

Stem cell research offers great promise in the treatment of Australians living with diseases, cancers or a physical disfigurement.

But with that potential comes concerns over its tendency to being labour intensive, time consuming and expensive.

As such, there is plenty of research being conducted that is looking to reduce its costs and time in a way that is both ethical and profitable for those that are investing money into this area.

Think Digital Futures’ Andrew Herlinger investigates.

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