50 years riding the wave – TRACKS mag celebrates its half tonne

1970 was a much different Australia than today. Pope Paul the 6th dropped in; the Great Barrier Reef was fighting off mining attempts; Gough Whitlam was gaining momentum, and a famous surfing magazine was born.

Tracks Magazine, the surfers’ bible, published its first edition in October 1970, exactly 50 years ago this month.

Not afraid to take on the wider topics of the day, Tracks was first and foremost about the wave, the lifestyle and the counterculture that was surfing at the time.

Quite remarkably, Tracks remains in publication to this day.

Here to share a little of this extraordinary journey is current Tracks editor, Luke Kennedy.

Luke, welcome to 2SER…

— — —

(Click on arrow to listen, and check out www.tracksmag.com.au for more info)



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