A B Endacott’s Mirror Mirror

Today’s episode features A.B. Endacott discussing her essay on storytelling Mirror Mirror.

A B Endacott

A.B. Endacott is a fantasy novelist whose titles include the Legends of the Godkissed Continent Series including the Queendom of the Seven Lakes Duology and most recently Deliverance of the Blessed. She’s joining me today to discuss her essay and mini-book reflecting on storytelling Mirror Mirror.

Debut Books

Mirror Mirror is the first title from new independent publisher Debut Books. Debut Books is based in Melbourne and is the brainchild of Katherine Larsen. The publisher aims to provide a platform for great storytelling and especially to support emerging Australian voices.

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror explores our propensity as storytellers. Every day our world is filled with stories; stories we consume and especially those we tell.

These stories help us shape our world, but how do we influence those stories and how in turn do those stories reflect our culture?

Join me as we discover A B Endacott’s Mirror Mirror

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