Abortion is legal, but not always available

Women in Tasmania are having to travel interstate to gain access to safe abortion surgery. Despite abortion being legalised in 2013, the availability of surgical providers has become non-existent in the state, with the last clinic closing its doors in January. The loss of affordable and safe surgical termination for Tasmanian women has had major repercussions, and direct effects. On Friday, Marie Stopes Australia released a report revealing that the numbers of women travelling to mainland Australia for termination surgery have increased tenfold. Not only an inconvenience of time, travelling for the procedure also kicks up a hefty bill. But most importantly, the separation from support networks and simple comforts puts women’s mental and physical welfare at risk. With the “Not-Ovary-Acting” rally held over the weekend, it is clear that individuals are not shying away from public debate.

Tess spoke with CEO of Marie Stopes Australia, Michelle Thompson, to find out more about arguably the most important political issue cooling the waters down in Tassie.

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