AC/DC Tribute Shows, The Birth of Venus and ‘Hertz’ with Carla Geneve

If you tune into Dream State regularly, you’d be no stranger to the mastermind that is Carla Geneve.

An exploration of Carla’s experience with Bipolar Disorder, Hertz is a vulnerable documentation of personal experience. An ebb and flow, an expression of life while living with Bipolar.

The title Hertz, is representative of this in itself. Representative of the the up and down cycle, that forms a frequency.

This album is one that deserves accolades and widespread praise. Off the back of her first album ‘Learn To Like It’, this is an album that well and truly demonstrates her evolution and growth as a musician.

Tracks like Venus, Euphemia and Drive Carefully are all songs that are lyrically full and paired perfectly with a more sombre and laid back instrumentation – representing life’s lows. While tracks like Bills and Jesus Take The Wheel are light and airy, perfectly encapsulating life’s highs.

Carla had a chat to Dream State Host, Jas all about her new album ‘Hertz’, a sick AC/DC tribute gig (seriously check that out) and the impact of the pandemic her music career.

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